Tips for learning Chinese on your own

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You want to learn Chinese , but you don’t always have time to go to a language school , your schedules are too changing, so you wonder if you can learn Chinese alone ?

course it is possible!

For various reasons, we cannot always afford the possibilities of following the classic route of group language lessons with a face-to-face teacher, most of the time we have to manage, learn from home, take lessons at home. I also went through this in my French learning. I give you advice to get there and progress in Chinese.

1) Choose a method to learn Chinese alone

When you study with a teacher, you usually follow a method.

I therefore advise you to choose a manual and stick to it.

Because if you start using several methods, you will end up dispersing and becoming discouraged. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use other books.

I strongly advise you to select several books as “additional resources”. These are books that will provide you with additional knowledge alongside your main method.

2) Learn pinyin, the phonetic system of Chinese

As in the French language or other languages, it will be necessary to start by learning the alphabet and its pronunciation .

First, learn pinyin : the initials, the finals and the five tones.

3) Learn Chinese characters

For Chinese language learners , characters are often a barrier. You should know that the Chinese character is an assembly of several parts, it’s like the Lego game. The main thing is to study the basic components, the so-called keys or radicals . I wrote an eBook about it, you can download it by clicking on the link .

4) Be careful not to use pinyin to write Chinese

This is a mistake that learners often make at the beginning of their Chinese learning . They write directly in pinyin , since it’s the alphabet, it’s easier.

But it’s a very bad idea, you have to get into a good habit when you start learning Chinese , taking the time to study the writing of the characters is the best way to learn Chinese .

5) Recreate linguistic immersion at home

The most effective way to learn Chinese is to immerse yourself in the language , it is a habit to adapt, you have to recreate a linguistic immersion at home. How to do ? Reading the press in Chinese , or listening to the radio in Chinese for example, if you don’t understand everything, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to get used to Chinese .

You can learn vocabulary every day, and of course, don’t forget to write everything down on paper when you study.

6) Set the goal and keep the motivation

Remember that you are your own method. Whether you learn Chinese alone or not, you are your best tool! Having a clear goal can help you follow the path of your Chinese learning , stay motivated! With perseverance, you will be able to master the Chinese language as you wish.

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