Rules to follow when writing your cover letter


The content of the cover letter must catch the eye of the recruiter. To do this, start by adopting a professional tone that matches the one used on the job ad. Remember to be concise, write short and punchy sentences and use positive turns of phrase.

Don’t forget to proofread yourself, check spelling and typos: this can work against you.

Make sure your cover letter isn’t too long or too short to avoid skimming or lack of interest. Address the right person, personalize and adapt the letter to the company and the position you are aiming for. Also, read the content of the advertisement to which you are applying correctly so that your letter corresponds to the request and the profile of the candidate sought. Finally, don’t forget to add your contact details, the ad reference and the subject of your letter. The recruiter, who receives dozens of applications a day for different positions, will appreciate it and will be able to find their way around more quickly to contact you more easily.

Even if the cover letter includes information already present on your CV, such as your experiences and technical skills, it must be a real complement. Provide the recruiter with additional information such as your motivations, behavioral skills, career goals, and strength. In addition, do not hesitate to highlight your previous experiences that are related to the announcement.

To wrap up your cover letter, think of compelling phrases that will help you land an interview. Always keep in mind that cover letter endings should include a positive and upbeat sentence, a call to action, and a polite phrase.Some examples of end sentences to inspire you:

– I am thus ready to take up the challenge that you are proposing and would like to explain my ideas and my motivations to you during an interview.

– Very interested in your offer, I would like to meet you in order to explain to you in more detail the reason why I think I am the ideal person for this position.

– I would be delighted to meet you during an interview in order to explain to you in more detail the nature of my motivations.

– I am available at your convenience to present to you my background, my experiences and my professional project in person.

– Having participated in increasing the turnover of my previous employer thanks to my interpersonal skills, I am convinced that I can do the same for your products/services. Give me the opportunity to meet you during an interview to detail my approach and my ideas.

– My ten years of experience in this field allow me to bring an experienced and informed eye to your structure, which could benefit your teams. It will be a pleasure to discuss it during a job interview.

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