The Benefits of an International College

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Currently, the education system is undergoing a reform. Indeed, bilingual classes have been abolished for sixth graders. The same applies to the European sections. However, the international sections are not affected by this reform. Presenting many assets, these sections are accessible from school to the baccalaureate.

What do we mean by section or international college?

In general, we meet in a class qualified as an international section of pupils born of foreign parents. It also welcomes expatriate children who can speak two languages, namely French and English. As far as learning is concerned, these children benefit from a program designed by French pedagogues. It should be noted that the latter work with educational authorities from other partner countries. France has many international colleges.

What is the point of enrolling a child in an international college?

Do you want your child to have a high level of language? Enroll him in an international college. It is also the best place to send your child if you want him to have a very good level of education. By way of example, we are going to talk about the students of a Franco-German college bearing the name of Buc. Know that these children have won the Mathematics Olympiad several times.

But, many parents choose to send their children to an international college, thanks to the atmosphere that reigns there. Indeed, it is a place where we can feel a lot of conviviality. Throughout the school year, school officials take children out of school on a study trip. From time to time, these people also organize proms. We must also not forget the carnivals as well as various typical meals of the country.

What are the requirements for admission to an international college?

Since it is a prestigious establishment, an international college, like  Institut Florimont welcomes children who meet a certain number of criteria. Indeed, they must submit to an oral and written test relating to the linguistic fields. You should know that this test is quite difficult compared to what children may have if they want to enter a European section. In addition to language skills, students must have a good international literary culture. Let’s take the example of a student who wants to join the 6th grade class. Indeed, the latter must be able to read Harry Potter in English. Be that as it may, at the international college, the children are mainly attracted by two sections: American and British.

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