JEE Main 2021/2022 Preparation Tips and Guidelines


Most of the time, students in class 12 or second year intermediate will prepare for the JEE Main exam. Since JEE Main takes place four times a year, students have the opportunity to participate in multiple sessions.

However, one can prepare more effectively for the April or May session of JEE Main than for the February session, since there will be four months from the date of the announcement of the official notification.

Mock test

A mock test will also be a good method to prepare for the exam . The testing authority will provide the link to practice mock tests (the link will be given above). Students must practice at least one mock test per week. This will help you analyze your performance on the exam. The first 15 minutes of the exam should be used by candidates to read the instructions and questions.

Study plan

First, you need to make a study plan for your preparations. First, get information about JEE Core Syllabus and JEE Core Exam Pattern 2021 divide them equally according to your time so that every minor topic is covered in your study plans.

Management of time

After getting detailed information about the 2021 JEE Main Program applicants should create a study schedule. Students should give equal weight to all subjects and prepare for them according to your prepared schedule. You should include short breaks of five to ten minutes between long study hours.

Study material

Currently, the market is full of JEE Main 2021 Preparation Books for JEE Main and students will easily get confused about which books to choose for the preparation. You can also refer to NCERT program manuals to prepare for JEE Main.

Apart from studying the books, students should also focus on JEE Main previous year questions. Try to solve past years questions on when it will help you to manage your exam time. By solving these items, students will get an idea of ​​exam patterns, question weighting. Also look for the best study materials available in the market. Some questions from previous years of JEE Main are given below:

main jee preparation schedule Accuracy, speed and time will be the three main points to break the JEE main exam .

Solving previous year’s quizzes daily will help you know the formulas, techniques, etc

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