How to prepare for IIT JEE

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Understand the advanced exam structure. The JEE Advanced is structured differently from the main exam. The advanced exam covers the same three subjects: physics, chemistry and mathematics. However, unlike the main exam, the advanced exam is divided into two three-hour papers, each divided into three sections (one for each subject). The articles are organized as follows:

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 1

Use official mock tests. The easiest and most effective way to prepare for the JEE is to simply take the test yourself. Mock tests are available for free on JEE official website. These tests mirror actual JEE in structure, format and content and are fully accessible through your computer – no physical test materials are required.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 2

Use quizzes from past exams. Another important resource for candidates wishing to pass the JEE are the past test questions (available for free on the official JEE website). Unlike mock tests, which have questions specifically designed for them, JEE question papers contain the exact questions included in previous exams, making them a very valuable resource.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 3

See the official JEE FAQ for general questions. This article covers the essentials that an aspiring JEE will need to prepare for the exam, but it is not intended to substitute for official JEE testing resources. If you are ever unsure about any aspect of the JEE (e.g. how to apply, what are the eligibility requirements for public students, etc.), try consulting the JEE FAQ.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 4

Stay up to date with official bulletins. Over time, the JEE can (and has) changed. Tests can be rescheduled, results can be reinterpreted, and topics covered can change. To ensure you have the best chance of succeeding on the JEE, stay informed of the official JEE Bulletins, which are published as they are released on the official JEE website.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 5

Use third-party question resources. The official JEE website is usually the most reputable source for test prep materials, but it’s far from the only place to find sample questions, practice tests, and other valuable resources. Various third-party organizations and agencies also provide JEE test preparation materials (some are free, some cost money).

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 6

Buy test prep books. In addition to online resources, JEE test preparation materials are also available in physical form. Test prep books, pamphlets, pamphlets and more are available at college bookstores. The price (and legitimacy) of these materials may vary – try to choose materials that are officially certified by the agencies administering JEE and contain practice tests, past test questions, etc.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 7

Review your grades from school. If you’ve been a diligent student, you may have access to great test prep resources without even realizing it! Extract your notes from physics, chemistry, and math classes you’ve attended and review them, taking the time to highlight important topics for further review. If you have access to old problems, also consider going through some of them to practice more.


Prepare for IIT JEE Step 8

It is also one that can have a significant impact on your professional future – a good score on the JEE can facilitate your access to the engineering program of your choice. For these reasons, some people choose to start studying years before having to take the JEE.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 9

Spend the most time studying your weakest subjects. While studying for the JEE, you will want to spend time on each subject, even if you are already convinced that you know some of them very well. However, to get the best possible score, you will want to spend the majority of your time on topics in which you are unsure. This will allow you to get the greatest possible improvement from your study efforts.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 10

Eliminate your personal distractions while you study. In the months leading up to the JEE, you want to make the most of your time – you don’t want to waste an hour (or more) making mistakes for every hour you spend studying. To avoid distractions such as television, video games, and other forms of digital entertainment, temporarily remove them from your life. For example, if you find it difficult to give up your video games, you can try leaving your game console with a friend until the test is over.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 11

Time yourself as you take practice tests. When practicing individual problems in preparation for the JEE, a good rule of thumb is to take the time necessary to fully understand the problem and respond to it correctly.

Prepare for IIT JEE Step 12

Beyond a certain point, further studies before the JEE can actually be harmful. If you have to give up eating or sleeping well in the days leading up to the JEE to do last-minute studies, you’re probably reducing your chances of getting the best possible grade. Neglecting these basic physical functions can leave you sleepy and distracted on exam day, making it difficult or impossible to do your best. Take time to relax, eat normally and get enough sleep in the days leading up to your exam – if you’ve always been studying, this is definitely the smartest thing to do.

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