5 reasons why online learning is the future of education in 2022


Nothing is immutable in fact in language learning because there are a variety of methods for a plurality of different profiles: to learn to speak Chinese alone, you have to be motivated and choose a method that matches your temperament.

Want to learn Chinese  ?

How to start learning this language?

Can we learn for free?

Learning a foreign language is never an easy undertaking and you always have to confront yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

Although the Chinese alphabet and pronunciation are totally different from our mother tongue, trying to understand and speak Chinese on your own is often seen as impossible .

Moreover, we often say “it’s Chinese” to picture the incomprehension of things… Many  false beliefs  prove that anyone can learn to speak Chinese.

In reality,  learning Chinese is no more difficult than learning Arabic, Portuguese or learning Russian: any language training is a wall to climb.

It’s not climbing the Great Wall of China, but all the same!

Taking Chinese lessons  – preferably with private teachers of Chinese origin or a native Taiwanese – will allow you to learn a little more about the Sinophone language and culture, the history of China or Taiwanese society. .

But even alone, you can take intensive courses without paying a cent to immerse yourself in the Chinese language.

China, Taiwan and Singapore have several official Chinese languages: simplified Chinese used in China, traditional Chinese – spoken in Taiwan -, and many other dialectal languages ​​such as “Cantonese”, “Min”, “Wu” or the “gan”.

With more than 1.3 billion native and second-tongue Chinese speakers , there is no shortage of teachers and other supports for learning Chinese on your own!

The Superprof editorial team has identified several techniques for learning Mandarin Chinese alone.

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